Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is for the moms out there.

Happy Holidays. This will be my Christmas Card this year...you can probably figure out why. I'll plan on sending out a we've moved card when we finally get our new house. For now, sit back and enjoy the story.

Here's a little background for you before the story I believe it will help you feel sorry for me so I want you to know before the story begins. Yesterday Lauren had a doctor appointment for her ears at 4pm in Vancouver near our old house. Now I've been to this doctor several times, so I knew that when the appointment was at 4, that really meant more like 4:30pm if we were lucky. It's two parts; hearing test and then see the doctor to discuss results. I had worked all day. (yes it's Christmas break...teachers still work because we have too much to do!) The kids had been at daycare, and it was a decent day. Did I mention I live in Gresham with my in-laws? That will be important for the story.

When I picked Andrew up I could tell he was tired, it was 3:40pm and he had no nap. Lauren had just had a big poopie diaper according to our daycare provider and was ready to go. I'm thinking okay we're set. As I was putting Lauren in the car he was playing in the side gravel drive (he's never done that before). When it was time for him to get in the car he came running and I thought no big deal. We headed off. Things were going well, we were on time and all was good.

About 7 minutes before getting to the doctor Andrew informs me he has poop on his hand and his shoe...hmmm how is this possible? I was driving on the highway so as he's FREAKING out I say, we'll take care of it when we get to the doctor, just hang on. We sing a few songs and he manages to calm down. When we get to the doctor I pull a wipe out and sure enough there's poop on Andrew's hand and ALL over the bottom of his shoe. Awesome. I calmly clean it up and tell him not to touch anything until I say it's okay. We get Lauren out and head into the doctor.

After we check in we promptly go into the bathroom where I make Andrew scrub his hands for 5 minutes. At this point I'm thinking okay, this isn't the end of the world. I'm just sweating a little...I'm handling it. I pick up Lauren and carry her back to the waiting room and as I do I feel her do a big pooh in her diaper. Okay. I can handle it.
She's been having a little trouble lately so I give her about 10 more minutes to make sure she's done. Sure enough she has a few more moments to fill her diaper. I think okay, I'll wait to change it when we get back to our private room.

I grab the diaper bag and go through it to find a diaper and the wipes. And then I realize...NO DIAPERS. That's right, none. Fantastic. I'm now sweating copious amounts. I have no diapers, it's 4:15pm and we haven't even been seen by the hearing test doctor, and we live in GRESHAM. Did I mention that? That means that it's going to take me about 40 minutes to get home. Okay what am I going to do? I'm beginning to smell Lauren in the waiting room as I'm sure everyone else is.

Quickly I think I'll call Krathbu because her mom's in town and I know she has diapers. So I give her a call, her mom is out running errands. Of course she is. However...Krathbu told me she had been gone awhile so she expected her soon. She told me she would call as soon as she got home. Okay, I tell the receptionist that a friend will be bringing me a diaper and could she please bring it to me ASAP if I'm back with the doctor. She smiles and says sure...I'm sure she was thinking good grief lady what is wrong with you?

We get called back for the hearing test. As we're getting ready for it, my phone rings. There's krathbu. We do the test, and I go back out to the waiting room call katie and she's on her way. Thank you Lord! Seriously. Luckily she came while I was still waiting to see the doctor. So then I was able to change Lolo as soon as we got back to our private room. She only had to sit in it for about 40 minutes. Nice.

During the visit with the doctor the kids were eating gold fish because it's 5pm and they haven't had a snack since lunch. I'm eating them as well. :) The bad news about 3 fell on the ground. One which Andrew ate off the ground after I told him not to in front of the doctor. The other two made it into the trash, where my daughter proceeded to take one out of the garbage and eat it as I'm trying to talk to the doctor. Seriously. Seriously. The man probably thought oh lady good luck to you.

That's about where the evening ended. To be totally honest I stayed very calm, did not get angry, did not yell, did not cry, did not freak out. Pretty good for me I would say. I owe a HUGE thanks to Katie for rescuing me and bringing me diapers in the mist of your own chaos. Oh my. Good times. Happy Holidays to you all. Love ya!