Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two posts in one

AWESOME! This is what I found when I walked into my bathroom last night before bed.

After showing Nick this lovely present, we could only deduce that our precious little GIRL had been having some fun earlier in the day.

Apparently while on daddy duty Lauren was left unattended in the back of our house, near our bathroom. This is what we've learned from leaving her unattended. I think next time daddy duty rolls around he'll make sure and close the bathroom doors, because it wasn't a tone of fun for him to clean up.

Side note: Andrew did not ever do anything like this...hmmm...not sure what to think of our little girl.

Two posts in one

They are the cutest. This was them this morning playing in the garage by themselves before church. When I walked in Andrew told me, "We're taking care of the baby right now. Can we have one more minute?" What's a mommy to say? Of course you can! They really are starting to become good friends. Except for when Andrew pushes her down and Lolo tries to bite him. :)