Friday, May 29, 2009

Picture update

This would be what Lauren does when anyone says "No" to her, or really anything else that she doesn't want to hear. What's missing is the loud cry/screams she gives off during this tantrum as well. Interestingly enough she wasn't having a meltdown during this photo...she just went into this position...not sure what to make of that.
This picture would be Lolo trying to carry her diaper bag like a purse. She tried for several minutes to make this happen, but eventually gave up. Maybe that's why she went into her position (as shown above). This girl is always keeping me guessing. So darn cute, and yet quite a diva.
This picture is from the infamous Dozer Days. Many out there know what I'm referring to. It's a day for kiddos to get their kicks driving and playing around huge equipment. Andrew has been the last 3 years of his life and he LOVES it. This was Lolo's first year...I'm not sure if she's going to be such a big fan. In case you can't tell she's screaming! I love it. How hilarious is that?

Does it get any cuter than this? Seriously. This is Andrew in his soccer "uniform". He is not aware that he's not actually on a team, but I don't want to burst his bubble just yet. He's asked to wear this outfit 3 days in a row. Super cute.
I must say I think he grew about 5 years over the long Memorial weekend. He looks bigger, talks like he's bigger, and acts bigger. Oh man, I'm not ready for that!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Carter and Andrew at the zoo. Such a fun day! Everyone loved the animals. They were also easy to spot in their matching red tops. :)
Lauren pushing her stroller around in her new dress from Papa. It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. She will spend hours and hours playing with dolls and strollers.
Andrew riding his new bike for his birthday. He's getting better each time. What a big boy!
Andrew using the vacuum hose as his blower...kind of looks like he's shooting Lauren up...hmmm...Lauren loves to show how she is a big girl now and climb in and out of her chair. Seriously, I love these two.

Many things have happened since I last blogged. To be quite honest I'm not even sure I remember them all. I wanted to do a quick post though, because it has been quite a long time. The kids are growing up so quickly. It's been really fun to watch them together. Lolo wants to be where her brother is, ALL THE TIME. And Andrew REALLY likes to go into her crib in the morning when she first wakes up. He cries if she wakes up before him, because he likes it that much.

Nick and I have been busy at work and with bible studies. Nick only has 3 more weeks of Bible Study Fellowship and then he's done for the summer. Yeah for sleeping in Saturday mornings (but I know he won't sleep in). Our CARE group (bible study from church) is just finishing the book The Five Love Languages. I recommend this book to anyone married or in a relationship. It really helps you understand yourself and how you feel loved, as well as your spouse. It's been great for us. We've also been running a ton getting ready for Pacific Crest at the end of June...we're both not sure which race we'll sign up for, that is yet to be determined!

The kids and I have been enjoying the weather outside. Finally, Andrew can go out and play. He wants to constantly be outside. It's great. Our neighbor hooked us up with some pretty cool outside toys and Andrew is enjoying himself. Of course Lo wants to be out there with him...she's not quite ready for it all by herself. She's doing great at walking around, but she takes a seat/fall every now and again.

New things for Andrew: He's 3, so he's big now. As he likes to tell me, he's growing up. It makes me a little sad. He looked bigger the day after his birthday. He loves the following: lawn mowing, blowing, anything outside in general, dinosaurs (we've got almost every book published about them), and his sister of course.

New things for Lauren: She's walking everywhere...whether or not we like it or not. She doesn't like to be told no, or be careful, or anything where you're basically telling her what to do. She cries. She literally throws herself down on the floor and cries. She LOVES to eat...I'm not sure where she got that from??? She's a big girl and drinks milk from a cup now. No more bottles (yeah!) She can say; mama, dada, doll, dog, and num num. She also signs more for food.

Enjoy the pics! Hope all is well.