Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yes, I'm updating.

I know.
I know.
I know.
Get over it, I'm finally posting again. (At this point no one may be reading because it's been so long they don't check to see if I've posted...but whatever I'm moving on)

As I sit and type I'm in Sunriver Oregon. It's beautiful outside, warm and lovely. And yet I'm inside with my daughter, who I am ATTEMPTING to potty train. Now don't get me wrong we've been outside on the deck and inside but I HAVEN'T LEFT THE HOUSE. My husband is out and about. I am not. And you may ask how is it going? Well let me tell you; not well. I'm 1 for 4. Right. The one success we had today was actually number 2. (I know a lot of details) The other 4 fails have all been pee. I'm pondering the should I give it up question. Not so sure at this point. What I do know is that come September she needs to be potty trained because I've paid for pre-school and she HAS to be potty trained. I'm trying not to freak out. My new mantra is who cares if she pees or poops her pants? I don't. Then the minute she does I seem to care.

On to other topics that I don't "care" about. My son Andrew. Oh my how he's getting so big. This morning he had his first tennis lesson, he'll be doing swimming lessons on his own this summer, VBS at church, and starting on a soccer team in the fall. What's happening? It's like he's reached the age where he can do things on his own. In some ways I'm so thankful and in some ways it makes me sad. To be honest at this point though I'm pretty thankful, because he seems to need my attention all the time. When he's at camps, playing, swimming, etc someone else can give him their attention for a minute and give me a break. We've started a new rest time system and it's worked for the last 7 days (yes I'm counting). He spends 1/2 hour in the play room quietly playing, the next 1/2 hour he can have a video of some kind. He gets one pass to get up and talk to me. He can use the pass whenever he wants, but once he uses it that's it. If he's able to do this he earns a sticker. After 5 stickers he gets some kind of special treat, the first success was ice cream with him and I. (Special treat for mommy too). We happened to be in Sunriver so we went to Goodies. Oh so yummy. This seems to be working well, and I get one hour of time to myself. One whole hour. Hold your applause.

As for Nick, he's busy busy at work. He's still working even though we're on vacation. That's why I have this computer right now. Thanks BCI. He's been working out pretty hard, thinking about a bike race in August and one in October. We're celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this Friday the 9th. It's my year to plan it (I have even years he has odd). Not sure what we'll do yet, I have a few ideas but am open to suggestions. I think we're going to have the whole day/evening because he'll still be on vacation. We'll have the kids for the morning and then my mother-in-law will be taking them. (Thank you Kathy) Suggestions?

Lastly, I've been running quite a bit with a friend. I'm contemplating a 1/2 marathon at the end of July and one in October. Not too sure. Today I ran and thought I might die after 4 miles so that's not a good sign for a 1/2. We'll see. It's good for me to have a goal to look forward to. In other random news I'm thinking about going to my natural hair color; with a few highlights. For those that know me well (and I'm hoping that's anyone that reads my blog) I haven't had my natural hair color since I was 13. Yes, I did type that correctly. I'm not quite sure what I want to do. Right now my hair is looking fairly crappy because it's been forever since I colored it (trying to save money) and thought I could stretch it out. WRONG. So now the question is, what to do. I've seriously thought about emailing my hair dresser all my thoughts so that when I go in next week we don't have to spend too much time talking. Obsessed much Lindsey? And as I've been at church lately I've realized I have a very controlling personality and am trying to work on not always having a system. Not sure how it's going considering all the controlling things within this one post.

Well for those of you that wanted it, there it is. An update. Aren't you glad you spent time reading this. Oh and I think I have an addiction to Facebook. With that, goodnight all.


christyephillips said...

yay lins! first off, i am SO jealous that you are in Sunriver! I miss that fun spot so much! I wish we weren't so far, far away from it. loved your randoms, nice work with rest time system! i like the ONE free pass idea. :) i think you should go natural, you thought about that a while ago too. go for it! can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Dottie said...

Finally! Jk! Great post. Don't be too hard on yourself for being controlling, from one control freak to another I think it comes w being a mom and wife. I think you should go natural. Have fun Friday! You could cook dinner in just an apron?! Hahahah or visit a few of portlands tasty restaurants (fully clothed of course;).

ENDub said...

Ah, I just saw this. I had kinda given up on your blog, though I still check and hoped for a post! This is a good one...I loved the update on everyone, and of course, I love your honesty too. We need that - us mamas and wives.

Can't wait to read more! Welcome back.